Wife Jeroen van der Boom snooty: “Do you even know who I am?”

Wife Jeroen van der Boom snooty: “Do you even know who I am?”

The juice channels not only aimed their arrows at Jeroen van der Boom, but also at his wife, Danny. For example, a source tells Juicechannel that Danny is very stressed. “arrogant woman.”

“He can get crazy,” Jeroen van der Boom admitted in an interview with Weekend magazine. Jeroen says he would never want to hurt anyone, but he is very strict. “You can’t just be nice and sweet in this profession.” Juicechannel shared the singer’s remarks and was instantly inundated with messages about the singer. And they weren’t positive…

The largest snake

Jeroen is one of the largest snakes in Hilversum. Plain cocky and not nice to the crew behind the scenes.” Now sources have reported to the Juice Channel that his wife, Danny, is practicing the same behavior.

Jeroen van der Boom’s wife is “arrogant”

“His wife is the same. A while ago, she called my business because she wanted to rent something from us. After explaining to her that I didn’t know who she was, she said, ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’,” a source wrote to Juicechannel. The source calls Danny “an arrogant woman.” “Who really wants it known that she is the wife of Jeroen van der Boom.”

Did Geron read the gossip?

Since the advent of juice channels, celebrities have been defamed one after another and many celebrities are not happy about it. However, Jeroen van der Boom will have no problem with that. According to a source, he also reads newspapers. “I saw him once in Schiphol and he had several gossip magazines with him (Story, Privet, etc.). Maybe to see if it was the same?

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