"Meghan Harry forbade meeting friends while visiting England" |  the Royal family

“Meghan Harry forbade meeting friends while visiting England” | the Royal family

Harry and Meghan have reportedly only attended two events. They are seen during Trooping the Color on June 2 and during Thanksgiving Prayers at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday evening. In between they visited Queen Elizabeth for lunch and she was finally able to hold her granddaughter Lillibet Mountbatten-Windsor in her arms for the first time. As far as the Sussexes are concerned, Saturday 4 June was also all about their little daughter, Lilibit and then celebrated her first birthday at Frogmore Cottage. The next day, the family moved in pairs again and headed to California, while the rest of the royal family gathered to watch the show from the palace balcony.

late source Heat magazine Knowing that Meghan was behind this quick departure, while Harry would have liked to stay a little longer to spend more time with his family and friends. “A few old friends called him and tried to organize a dinner along with some visits to their favorite places from the past and even some fun day trips with their families, since many of them, like Harry, now have children from a king.”


However, according to the publication, Meghan had just thrown a wrench in the works. She wanted to leave as soon as possible, and thought the reunion with Princess Eugenie and “some other acquaintances” was more than enough, according to the source. “There was nothing more. It was difficult for Harry. He had in mind that he could go back with his friends when the anniversary activities were over.”

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It was previously said that Meghan would not want to leave Harry’s side for fear that Harry would not want to return to America due to his visit to his home country. from inside from yes! magazine “She is terrified that everyone will agree and that they will persuade him to go home,” she said. However, contrary to what she was afraid of, Harry and William did not even hint at each other.

Harry had expressed his wish to be able to go to the UK more often in the future, so that he could not only work on restoring his relationship with his brother and father, but also see his friends again. He would also assure Meghan that he did not want to return, but would like to strike a better balance between his and his family.

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