Johnny De Mole denies previous manslaughter attempt: ‘it goes away’

Johnny De Mole denies previous manslaughter attempt: ‘it goes away’

“Johnny de Molle was a tumultuous year. His ex-fiancée accused him of assaulting him. He responds to this and tells about his new program,” was the announcement by presenter Tejs van den Brink, who then asked him a lot about the charges. Shima Qais accuses Johnny of assault and attempted manslaughter.

“Yeah, no, it’s not nice if you have this in your pants,” says Johnny. “It’s allegations made in a newspaper.” “Our relationship didn’t deserve a beauty award, but these kinds of claims really go very far.” Then Johnny says little was said about it from the start, because the allegations came through a newspaper and a book. “We did it for a reason.”

When Tijs asks Johnny for a leaked audio clip, Johnny says: “Once again: This relationship didn’t deserve a beauty award. I don’t think we did the best in each other, but the abuse and worse, I really want to distance myself from The presenter also says that – in his view – he received a threatening letter. Not that with the question if I came to wash the car. We think that was really about money. “

Johnny took her to the police. “The Public Prosecution is now looking into this case, but we have not heard anything about their case yet.”

In the video below. You can see more about this condition.

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