Mini Queen from USA gets compliments from the real Elizabeth

Mini Queen from USA gets compliments from the real Elizabeth

When you think of a Halloween costume, you’ll soon see monsters, witches, vampires, or zombies. If not, one-year-old Galen Sutherland from the US state of Ohio, dressed as British Queen Elizabeth, wanted to pass through the doors to collect candy. Her mother decided to send a picture of the little boy to Buckingham Palace. And unexpectedly they got an answer.

The girl was dressed in details like the British Queen, with a hat, wig and pearl necklace. And like the real Elizabeth, Galen was accompanied by two corgis, the Queen’s favorite dogs – exactly why the Queen’s costume was chosen.

Mother Catelyn says The British daily newspaper, The Sun. “We wanted to do something where dogs could be a part of the clothes and we’re big fans of the royal family.”


Walking through the streets of her hometown, the little queen went to the neighbors to collect candy. “She received a lot of compliments for her clothes,” her mother recalls in the newspaper. “The funniest reaction was when people bowed and waved and called her ‘Your Majesty.'”

On a whim, mother Catelyn decided to send pictures of the girl dressed in royal clothes, and thus got a letter. One of Elizabeth’s aide writes: “The Queen asks me to thank you for the letter and picture attached.”

“The Queen is so glad you sent her a letter and she was glad to see a picture of Galen in her beautiful clothes.”

The Queen’s assistant added some information about Elizabeth’s dogs to the letter. “Galen might want to read that.”

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