Taylor Swift and mom donate to Corona victim

Taylor Swift and mom donate to Corona victim

Taylor Swift (31) has often made large donations to charities and the needy. During the Corona crisis, the pop star is happy to lend a hand. Swift and her mother Andrea together donated $ 50,000, more than 42,000 euros, to a fan who lost her husband to the Corona virus. This’ E! News’.

Swift’s fan, Vickie Quarles, and her five daughters lost their husband and father to Covid-19 last December. Friends of the family started a digital fundraising campaign after his death to help the family. The campaign aims to raise $ 50,000, but that amount was surpassed by one hit on Wednesday with a generous gift from the Love Story singer. The show has currently raised over $ 61,000.

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Vicky and her family are “very grateful” for the work that Taylor and her mother have done. Vicky said, “I was very touched.” is being! News. “I hope I can raise my daughters with the same compassion and care as Taylor and Andrea.”

The 31-year-old singer has often donated to fans suffering from the Coronavirus crisis. For example, at the end of last year, she gave $ 26,000 to two single nations who were overdue on their bills. Swift has also paid tuition fees from fans in the US and UK.

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