Jill Biden flaunts a Vogue cover

Jill Biden flaunts a Vogue cover

Jill Biden (70) appeared on the cover of the August issue of American Vogue. In the accompanying interview, the first lady of the United States talks about her education, her husband, Joe Biden, 78, and what it means to be a first lady.

“I’m totally amazed at how many comments there are about what I’m wearing or how my hair looks”

On the cover, Gill wears a dark blue Oscar de la Renta dress with a floral pattern. Earrings from luxury brand Tiffany & Co. Other photos accompanying the magazine interview show her husband, Joe, as well as grandchildren Naomi, Finnigan, Hunter, Maisie and Natalie. In several photos, Joe and Jill held each other lovingly.

In the interview, Jill also talked about her choice of clothes. Says the first lady, who says she loves to wear a lot of young, up-and-coming designers.

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However, Jill doesn’t care much about the criticism she receives about her clothes. “Oh, cool,” she says sarcastically, when the interviewer points out that there is an Instagram account that tracks all of the first lady’s clothing choices. “I’m totally amazed at the amount of comments there are on what I’m wearing or how my hair looks.”

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Jill is not the first lady to appear on the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine. For example, former first lady Michelle Obama has appeared on the front cover of the magazine several times. Kamala Harris, Vice President, also honored the cover. Melania Trump, wife of former President Donald Trump, has never appeared on the cover.

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