Britney Spears: The father's lawsuit is shocking and crazy |  show

Britney Spears: The father’s lawsuit is shocking and crazy | show

The fact that Britney Spears lawsuit Having to do everything in her power to prevent her father from exercising power over her is “painful, crazy, and frustrating.” That’s what the singer’s lawyer says in court documents, according to TMZ. In the meantime, she found someone who could replace her father as a resident.

The 39-year-old nominated a new guardian yesterday. It is reported that her new attorney Matthew Rosengart has filed a motion to make accountant Jason Rubin the new supervisor of the American singer. Court documents in TMZ’s possession state that Robin should, among other things, become the supervisor of Spurs’ finances. According to the US entertainment site, a new hearing is scheduled for December 13 on this request, among other things.

Her finances are now managed by her father Jamie, which has been beneficial to Spears Sr., according to the documents. He earned a salary of $16,000 per month for the role plus $2,000 in expenses, but he also earned a portion of the revenue from Britney’s tours. For example, he would have left more than two million dollars from her Las Vegas concert series.


Britney’s statement states that she has no personal contact with her father. Their relationship will be particularly unhealthy. “This is detrimental to Ms. Spears’ mental health and well-being and her ability to continue her extraordinary career.” Attorney Rosengart, who recently took up his position as Spears’ legal representative, says he will work “fighter and energetic” to fire Jimmy Spears. Once that’s done, the legal team wants to help Spears get rid of the custody altogether.

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Spears first spoke last month about the thirteen-year receivership that began when she was admitted to a psychiatric institution in 2008. The singer began legal proceedings against her father in 2019. She admitted during a hearing about the case. To feel like a slave From her supervisors, most notably from her father Jimmy Spears.

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