Jack van Gelder sees a comeback on land, sea and air: ‘Had a good time’ |  Displays

Jack van Gelder sees a comeback on land, sea and air: ‘Had a good time’ | Displays

Jack Van Gelder (72) would find it “something” if On land, sea and air Returns to the tube. He would also be open to presenting the show again, which aired last Saturday. “I had such a good time.”

On land, sea and air It was shown weekly on television between 1973 and 2010. Jack Van Gelder presented the programme, in which participants in self-made vehicles had to complete a given course in the shortest possible time, from 1984 to 1996 and also provided commentary for the show. “But when I joined the NOS, I was no longer allowed to attend. After 1996 I made the comment twice.”

Last Saturday, the once iconic program returned with The best 50 years on land, sea and air. Watch Van Gelder with great pleasure. “I basically loved everything. That’s the big thing about it On land, sea and air. That everything is beautiful. People’s commitment, it breaks down: all in all it’s a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This radiates from the programme.”

Van Gelder has fond memories of his time with the programme. I will never forget that we had records in Leeuwarden and there was a young American singer. She said:Jackie, turn aroundThen I taped a piece of paper to my back where I signed her signature. That was Whitney Houston.” But he also met celebrities like Eurovision legend Johnny Logan. “Yeah, if a book came out for me, there would be a big chapter on it On land, sea and air in,” Van Gelder chuckles.

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People on social media wondered, among other things, shouldn’t the show just come back on the tube. If it were up to Jack Van Gelder, yes. “I had such a good time. I think it would be great to have you back,” he told this site. “I think it would be great to introduce him again.”

The presenter thinks it would be a good move for On land, sea and air to broadcast again. Because the program’s strength lies primarily in its light tone, says Van Gelder. My evenings now consist of I know everything about her With Robin Nicholas. Then I watch it with my wife B&B with love Then we put orange summer Ref. ”

Van Gelder “done with all this shit and hassle” on television. “We want to have fun together. How can we break that? Just with On land, sea and air It won’t work, but it’s a good start.”

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