'Israel rejects the Egyptian mediation attempt'

‘Israel rejects the Egyptian mediation attempt’

Israel rejected Egypt’s offer to intervene in the raging battle with Hamas. DPA wrote based on Egyptian sources. Israel would have rejected all the proposals of the Egyptian delegation.

The delegation sat around the table on Wednesday with a delegation from Hamas, the group that has held power in Gaza since 2007. The news agency reported that the diplomats traveled on Thursday to Tel Aviv. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said earlier that he does not intend to stop harassing Hamas targets anytime soon.

The Israeli army reported on Twitter, that this morning, Israeli tanks targeted northern Gaza. The tanks were stationed near the border with the Gaza Strip and were used with aircraft to destroy a network of tunnels belonging to the Hamas movement.

The attacks lasted about 40 minutes, according to the army. The Associated Press writes that Palestinian families living in the targeted areas have fled. Today they arrived with pillows, blankets and loaves of bread to the UN schools in Gaza to stay there.


Last night, the Israeli army and Palestinian militants carried out the fourth consecutive night Back and forth Attacks. The Gaza Ministry of Health said that at least 119 Palestinians have died in recent days, including 31 children and 19 women.

The Associated Press wrote that in the northern Gaza Strip, a family of six was killed in an airstrike, and the father, pregnant mother and four children under the age of seven were victims. “It was a massacre,” a family member told the AP.

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At least one person was seriously injured in Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel. Five rockets fell on the city of Ashkelon, near the Gaza Strip. One of them collided with an apartment complex. In all, seven deaths have occurred so far in Israel.


Last night there was confusion about the initiation of a possible ground offensive by Israel. From an IDF tweet, international news agencies concluded that the ground offensive had begun. Agence France-Presse also reported that it had received confirmation from an army spokesman. Later, the army talked about an “internal communication problem” and so it became clear that the Israeli tanks had targeted Gaza from the border.

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