Insects terrorize passengers on US-bound flight

Insects terrorize passengers on US-bound flight


“During take-off I noticed that the woman was doing something, but I couldn't see it very well. At one point I saw her brushing worms off her chair with a piece of paper. When she noticed me, she said worms were falling from the overhead tank. She was so shocked,” says Schott.

“The team immediately checked where the worms came from. When the luggage compartment above us was opened, about ten people fell onto the woman and the empty seats between us. According to Schott, the owner of the bag told him there was fish in it. The fish was rotting.


Meanwhile, several worms fell from the luggage compartment and the pilot decided to turn back. Meanwhile, the bag was wrapped in plastic to keep the worms out. Schott marvels at the maggots crawling out of the rotting fish: “The flight attendants probably smelled that when they checked in, right?”

It is not known why the passenger kept the fish in his bag. It is not known where the passenger came from.

Due to the return, all other passengers were forced to rebook their flights and wait hours at Schiphol before they could depart again.

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