All container cargo from Latin America will soon be exempted without a PIN code through the chain.

All container cargo from Latin America will soon be exempted without a PIN code through the chain.

Participating shipping companies and shipbrokers made a dynamic start to connect their customers and base chains in the fall of 2023. chain of trust. Initially for cargo from Latin America. The deadline for participation is now set at March 31 to give some parties in the logistics chain more preparation time – particularly for system adjustments. Parties with cargo from Latin America can use the Internet Service if they cannot fix their systems in time.

No delay

This transition period does not mean postponement. Customers will continue to be connected until the March 31 deadline. From that date, all shipments from Latin America will be exempted only through the trust of the chain. regardless of whether Merchant kidnapping of Carrier hijacking Are containers collected at Rotterdam deep sea terminals by road, inland vessel or rail. On consultation between the shipping company/shipbroker and the customer, cargo from other shipping areas can also be handled through chain of custody. After March 31, shipping companies and shipping brokers will focus on the participation of their first 100 customers in the next phase. Each shipping company and shipping broker approaches its customers individually to participate in the chain of trust.

Participating shipping companies and shipping brokers

Most shipping companies and ship brokers are already working with the chain of trust or are in the trial phase. CMACGM, COSCO Shipping, Maersk, MSC, ONE and OOCL are shipping companies and shipbrokers from Latin America to Rotterdam. HMM and Yang Ming are also already live with the chain of trust. Evergreen and ZIM will start connecting their customers in the first quarter of 2024.

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A joint effort

Trust Chain is a joint venture between the business community and government agencies for the safe and reliable release and collection of containers in Dutch ports. It first takes place in Rotterdam. Through the shipping company/ship broker to the shipper/forwarder and the carrier, the chain of trust forms a closed chain with only known, designated parties. The use of pin codes will be discontinued. Only a carrier authorized by Chain of Trust can pre-announce his arrival at the terminal and collect the container there.

Too much digital

TrustChain operates largely digitally through the services of PortBase, the port community system of Dutch ports. The process ensures that all parties in the Port of Rotterdam community work more efficiently and that cooperation between parties in this chain is encouraged. In addition, this process helps to maintain the security of port-related delivery processes.

Method fixed

In practical terms, things have changed in recent months for shippers, carriers and forwarders involved in importing containers through the Port of Rotterdam. More and more parties involved in importing containers have adapted their working methods – and sometimes their systems – to the new chain of trust process. More than 43,000 containers have already been released through the new digital import container release process. About 450 carriers now collect containers processed by TrustChain, and about 325 forwarders and shippers already work with us. The chain of trust works very simply, but requires action from each link.

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