In less than ten weeks, Annefleur, 28, has blown up with ovarian cancer: "We were there with our dead daughter" |  You shouldn't miss these stories

In less than ten weeks, Annefleur, 28, has blown up with ovarian cancer: “We were there with our dead daughter” | You shouldn’t miss these stories

28-year-old Annefleur Botteram, Wijchenaar of the Year, died of ovarian cancer in December. Her mom Maureen is now talking about it: a year after Evlor was declared “clean” after her first diagnosis. I have made plans for the future filled with life’s excitement. But in October, she developed ovarian cancer for the second time. She died after 9.5 weeks.

But I am a supergirl. And super girls just fly. Music plays in the living room when Maureen Buttram (55) talks about her daughter, who has not been allowed to be over 28. A song made for Annefleur. Due to her help in Corona time, she was voted on by Wijchenaar last year.

You can find out by the way. She walks my girl

Anfleur was ambitious. She lived in Brussels because she fell in love with a Frenchman while taking English lessons in Miami and decided to live with him in the Belgian capital. French and Dutch: The Best of Both Worlds. However, each of them had a different attitude towards life and each went their own way.

Annefleur continued to live in Brussels and held a responsible position as Manager at the Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place. But she wanted more. And for advice, she always called her mother. “I thought she wanted to express some frustration at work, but all of a sudden she said, ‘Mum, what if she goes on a trip around the world? “I said, ‘You don’t have obligations yet, do it!'”

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You can find out by the way. She talks about changing the world

She followed her mother’s advice. In 2019, she traveled from Canada to Miami and Mexico. “When I read later that Miami had turned into one of the most dangerous cities in the world, I put pressure on it. But I never worried about it. My husband and I knew Email: Aniflore would be fine for herself.

So she came up with a different idea: after seven months her parents would travel to South America and tour Patagonia together. “Just before the flight, Email had a groin injury he underwent surgery. For a long time I doubted if I would go on my own for three weeks. Too late, I’m glad I went! And how good she looked: athletic, tanned, relaxed and full of life. She did not have a driver’s license, so she drove a rented truck with her on dirt roads. She loved it! In the meantime, she was talking about her future and said that she would like to return to the Netherlands. “

Annefleur Botteram enjoyed nature the most. Maureen: “This photo was taken in Patagonia, Torres del Payne, where Avalore and I were together.” © Annefleur Botteram

And it had to be. Aniflore had severe stomach pain. It turned out to be ovarian cancer. One of her ovaries has been removed. The doctors said, “If you were the age of your mother, we would have advised you to have your ovaries removed.”

When you are in love. What could be wrong?

At first it seemed like a good choice. Life smiled at her. She met her boyfriend, Ghost, did a study, looked for a side job, and became the “ Wijchenaar of the year ” because she came to the rescue during Corona and got her driver’s license. In August, she traveled with Joost to Italy, where she again suffered from severe stomach pain.

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