France does not rule out Brexit negotiations after Sunday |  Brexit

France does not rule out Brexit negotiations after Sunday | Brexit

“It is imperative that we take time and not sacrifice our interests under the pressure of evaluation,” Boone said. The European Parliament had insisted that an agreement be reached by Sunday at the latest, so that Parliament still has time to consider it before January 1. The chief European negotiator, Michel Barnier, said on Friday that there were only a few hours left to reach an agreement.


We do not want an agreement at any cost

Clement Boone, French Minister of State for European Affairs

But Boone cautions that negotiators should not make hasty decisions. We do not want an agreement at any cost. We are negotiating the biggest deal the European Union has ever signed. “

The European Union and the United Kingdom cannot agree on fisheries, among other things. Many European countries want access to British fishing waters, but there is no agreement on that yet. Equal opportunity agreements should also be drawn up between British and European companies.

The fisheries ministers of the European Union countries agreed in Brussels the day before yesterday on fishing quotas for the next three months. Usually, they enter into an agreement for an entire year, but the period is now shorter because it is still unclear what can be agreed upon with the UK.

Fisheries Minister Carola Schotten and her colleagues agreed that Dutch fishermen would be allowed to fish at least 25 percent of the annual quota for the past year in January, February and March. Of the fish that are mainly caught this season, such as mackerel, mackerel, mackerel and blue whites, 40 to 65 percent of them may be caught.

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