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Not Jules’ father Without April 10, 2021 13:44:

VanEck video games and esports

It seems to me that this is a commercially motivated category, without it being obvious, and in fact only a handful of companies benefit from your thriving business.

I expect long-term networks and advertisers, celebrities, the oddball hall, and some professional electronic “athletes” to make some money from it. In theory, I could purchase a new PC (or components) for a relatively demanding game, but this phenomenon is timeless. In “street scene”, I saw it less than a year ago, and analog walking now looks very popular. So it is a niche market that may have reached its peak. Regardless of whether the hype or trend has also translated into the stock market. I hardly notice or notice any increase in demand.

The offering may have become more popular, live or taped, but this is actually quite boring and not a revenue model for many companies. Do you see someone else do something nice, which is especially nice when you don’t have enough money on your own. The last thing I saw myself go back in time decades (can someone investing in shrinking mail sound familiar, like this reminder of past glory). For example, save as many playable flash games as possible. I’ve seen (a little) more of that than ads for new hardware and software.

VanEck can do well, bidding isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I wonder if you can invest well in other hardware and / or software. Having to buy faster hardware in particular is timeless, with the occasional revival. I don’t stumble upon offers, nor stumble upon empty boxes on the street, it is likely that more physical outlets have disappeared than the new ones, and I would expect it to remain a niche market. Yes, for Nvidia or whatever, this year can be a good one sometimes.

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I also see little added value in the (sports) restrictions. The growth in “beautiful” ads online can drive demand for faster computers. Otherwise, the performance will collapse more and more, due to the larger or more moving images and animations. In gaming, a strong year due to COVID-19 is great, but if you have to pay 15 wins for it, you need 15 of those strong years. Or a temporary hype at the fair. If you want to earn money from me using new hardware, without changing the OS you have a better chance with a slower looking browser compared to the system requirements for a new game. Then Wacky Wheels or Wacky Wheels HD, instead of SuperTuxKart. Or the SuperTuxKart video, if I really can’t live without it, and watch it without seeing an animated ad.

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