In 1869 they discovered a giant in North America

In 1869 they discovered a giant in North America

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In 1869, while American workers were digging a well near the hamlet of Cardiff in New York, they found a foot. It belonged to the mutilated body of a naked man. Not just any man: he is three meters tall. The Syracuse Journal, A local newspaper, immediately reported on this ‘new miracle’.

Must have lived before the flood

Believers were particularly impressed by both Christians and members of the Onondoka tribe. So historian Andrew Dixon wrote that White was included in the book on account of his eyewitness accounts. Cardiff Giant (1949) Onondaga mistakenly thought the giant was a famous prophet. Some Christians thought it was a giant that lived on earth before the flood.

But researchers soon determined that this was not an actual body, but an ancient religious object. More spectacular.

Made by one of the great sculptor

Farmer Newell made good money from the giant. He put up a tent around it and charged the visitors an entrance fee of fifty cents. A few merchants paid $ 30,000 for the giant and it was on display across the United States. Othniel Charles Marsh, Yale archaeologist, got to see the ‘miracle’. Immediately he saw that the statue must have been made recently. He is the giant most end humbug Called: Sheer nonsense.

Eventually cigar maker George Hull, a relative of farmer Newwell, admitted to the hoax. He and Newell had a giant made by a sculptor to make money from it. In this they were immensely successful.

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Phineas Taylor Barnum Giant Simulation

Ringmaster Phineas Taylor Barnum tried to buy the statue from the new owners. When they refused, he copied it. He told the press that his giant was real and that the businessmen were fake. The businessmen produced him in court. But he ruled that Barnum could not be blamed for calling a fake giant a ‘fake’. He was allowed to continue to show his fake nephew.

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