Illegal skyscrapers have been brought down in the Indian capital, New Delhi

Illegal skyscrapers have been brought down in the Indian capital, New Delhi

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Two illegally constructed skyscrapers have been brought down by explosives in the Indian capital, New Delhi. The skyscrapers under construction, which are 103 and 97 meters high, will contain hundreds of apartments. Thousands of people have been evacuated in the area as a precaution.

The collapse of the buildings took less than ten seconds, but the local residents had to leave their homes for ten hours. Nearby traffic has been diverted. The Apex and Cyan Towers are located on a busy highway that connects the populous state of Uttar Pradesh to the capital. The highway is closed.

Watch the demolition of the towers:

skyscrapers in new delhi

India’s Supreme Court last year ordered the demolition of towers in the suburb of Noida after a protracted legal battle. There will be no building permit and the apartments will not comply with fire and building safety regulations.

tons of debris

Before the explosion, 3,700 kilograms of explosives were placed in strategic locations to reduce the consequences of a controlled collapse. It took almost half a year of preparation.

A number of local residents left on their own yesterday, fearing the presence of toxic substances in the air and possible health problems as a result of the dust cloud after buildings exploded. Buildings in the area are partially covered with white plastic to protect them from flying debris.

A pile of rubble and other materials, weighing about 80,000 tons, remained behind. Most of it will be recycled.

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