Ilhem Tamruthi surpasses himself in America |  Bridge

Ilhem Tamruthi surpasses himself in America | Bridge

College Station / Eugene / Campan – Ilhem Tamruti made an impressive appearance at the NCCA Outdoor Championships in the United States last week. A.V. Isala ’96’s javelin thrower reached the final and finished 23rd in the final of this international tournament.

Tamruti studied at Loyola University in Chicago, one of the smallest universities in the United States, and participated in NCCA outdoor competitions. “It’s the biggest competition in the United States, and international athletes are allowed to participate,” AV said. Says Tamruti’s coach Mark Jonger in Isla ’96.

Tamruti’s goal was to reach the final. For that he had to peak in the semifinals at a college station in the US state of Texas. In the field with 45 women to get the top 12 places. It worked.

In the second group he won with a new camper record of 50.74 meters. Then the strongest women in Western America came into action. He eventually finished last (Plate Twelve) and was allowed to go to the final in Eugene. Through this she was able to achieve her best goal.

At the finals in Eugene, Oregon, last Thursday, things went a little lower. He finished 22nd and 23rd. Nevertheless, the Jonker speaks of a great achievement. “The semifinals are perfect. It is very interesting that he advanced to the final, and he added it to a top record 24. ”

According to Jonger, Tamruti has grown tremendously. “She is approaching the top five nationally. As an athlete at a small university, she came to the finals. Thus, she commanded the honor. She could soon join a big university. She really needs more training time, more facilities. At a big university it is possible. There she gets the best support and can continue to grow, ”Jonker concludes.

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