Population growth and urbanization are further enriching Africa

Population growth and urbanization are further enriching Africa

Ralph Bodellier, BNR’s Big Five journalist and philosopher, says more people should be included in Africa because it signifies greater prosperity on the continent.

‘Prosperity has grown tremendously in the United States and Europe because the population has grown tremendously. When people are rich, they go to cities. After all, there are more opportunities out there that will increase prosperity again, ‘says Ralph Bodellier. According to the journalist and philosopher this growing prosperity includes better health, more culture and more focus on the environment. In short, the best life for everyone.

Listen to the full conversation with Ralph Bodellier here

According to Bodelier, this was not yet possible in Africa because there were very few people. ‘That continent is very small. Growing population and urbanization will make the continent more prosperous and wealthy. You can already see people moving to big cities. You see it especially on the beach. ‘

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According to Bodelier, it would also be a solution to the exodus. ‘If Africa becomes more prosperous, the people there will have a better future. When they receive a certain annual salary, people choose to stay at home with their family and friends. ‘

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