IKEA destroys Europe's last primeval forests to make furniture – Job

IKEA destroys Europe's last primeval forests to make furniture – Job


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Romania's primeval forests are being destroyed by IKEA, among other companies, which uses the wood to make furniture. It appears from Greenpeace research I found that wood from ancient forests in the Carpathians is used by suppliers of the Swedish furniture giant. This includes cribs and cribs sold in IKEA stores in thirteen countries.

Greenpeace examined logging permits, satellite images and lumber warehouses to determine the path of that wood to IKEA stores. The environmental movement presented the research findings on Wednesday at the IKEA store in Hofheim am Taunus, where the company's German headquarters are located. Greenpeace states that IKEA “should not destroy Europe's last primeval forests for furniture.”

IKEA has not confirmed the accusation, but says it takes the matter seriously, according to the National Police Agency. “Illegal timber and irresponsible forestry practices have no place in the IKEA value chain,” the company said in a statement. “We immediately investigate any indication of this. If we discover violations, we take immediate action, including terminating business relationships.”

In the Romanian Carpathians, for example, brown bears, lynxes, wolves, chamois and European bison can be found. Forests are among the most important wildlife refuges in Europe. Currently, according to Greenpeace, only 2.4 percent of the Romanian Carpathians is protected from deforestation. The organization notes that over the past 20 years, nearly half of the Eastern European country's primary forests have been lost to logging.

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Greenpeace wants the European Union to legally ban logging in primary forests, but also says companies bear their own responsibility. “IKEA claims to be sustainable, but is currently benefiting greatly from poor nature conservation in the Carpathians. IKEA must deliver on its sustainability promises,” said forestry expert Geshe Jürgens from Greenpeace Germany. The company should also advocate for legislation to protect primary forests.

According to Greenpeace, seven furniture manufacturers use wood from the primeval forests of Romania, and at least thirty different products from these suppliers can be found on IKEA shelves. This does not apply to stores in the Netherlands.

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