Cameron's visit to the United States ends in deception

Cameron's visit to the United States ends in deception

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British Foreign Secretary David Cameron returned to London empty-handed after a visit to the United States. That visit was about a US aid package for Ukraine, but despite talks with former President Donald Trump, among others, Kiev will have to wait a little longer.

Cameron's visit to the United States ends in deception

Before speaking with his counterpart Antony Blinken in Washington, Cameron was in Florida to meet with Trump. According to BNR's foreign commentator, Bernard Hammelburg, the former British Prime Minister was received there “with all due respect.” This is remarkable, to say the least, after the many criticisms Cameron has expressed of Trump in the past. “That in itself was athletic for Trump.”

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Cameron and Trump mainly discussed the support package for Ukraine at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. There is a lot of resistance to this, especially within the Republican Party. Cameron hoped to change the minds of critics through Trump. “That mission failed, and Trump could not be undone,” Hamelburg said.


Within the Republican Party, opposition to the Ukraine aid package comes mainly from the Freedom Caucus, a “conservative, vocal movement” within the party led by Marjorie Taylor Greene. However, the leader of the House of Representatives, where Republicans hold the majority, refused to speak to Cameron. Hammelberg explains that Mike Johnson is the man who ultimately has to decide whether help will come or not. The fact that the two haven't spoken to each other is “very hurtful.”

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“The fact that the two did not speak to each other is very hurtful.”

Bernard Hamelburg, commentator from Buitenland

Moreover, there are more and more signs that the aid package will be approved “at any time.” This could mean the immediate end of Johnson's political existence. Tyler Green has already said he will begin impeachment proceedings if Mike Johnson approves the relief package.

“Symbolic” work.

At the same time, the Biden administration is trying to send weapons to Ukraine in various ways. Including a large number of Hawk missiles worth $138 million. Hamelburg believes it is a “symbolic” work. “These missiles date back to 1954.”

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In addition, the United States is also sending weapons from ships stopped in the Red Sea to Ukraine. “These ships were full of weapons, including huge collections of Kalashnikov rifles and, for example, 500,000 artillery rounds,” says Hammelborg. These weapons are now being presented as a gift to Ukraine. He added: “This is nice, but it shows that Joe Biden is finding it increasingly difficult to help his ally, Ukraine.” It's a real scratch.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron returns empty-handed to London after a visit to the United States. (AFP) (Afghan National Police/AFP)

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