Foreign interference: How Parliament confronts threats to EU democracy |  Threads

Foreign interference: How Parliament confronts threats to EU democracy | Threads

EU democracy under pressure

Throughout the 2019-2024 parliamentary session, Parliament has raised the alarm about systematic attempts by foreign actors to interfere in the elections. Already in 2019, members of the European Parliament noted a sharp increase in Russian propaganda and attempts to circumvent restrictions on foreign financing of political parties.

Two parliamentary committees were successively set up to investigate foreign interference in EU democratic processes, first in 2020 and then in 2022. Based on the findings, MEPs made recommendations to make the EU more resilient to disinformation and interference and to protect the EU for 2024. elections.

MEPs expressed specific concerns about Russian and Chinese interference in EU issues, but also sought to better protect the EU against interference by other countries, such as Qatar and Morocco.

In February 2024, MEPs expressed concern and anger after further allegations emerged that Russia is trying to recruit MEPs as agents to influence public opinion and deliver stories to far-right parties and players across the EU to undermine support for Ukraine.

Speaking to the EU Heads of State and Government in March 2024, Parliament Speaker Roberta Mizzola noted that the European elections will test the resilience of our systems.

“We know the lengths other actors will go to try to disrupt our democratic processes. We see attempts in many countries to spread misinformation, disinformation and propaganda coming from opponents of the European project. We cannot allow these destructive narratives, propaganda and disinformation to spread without stopping them,” she said. “.

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