“If these are our last minutes…”

“If these are our last minutes…”

The past few days Kevin and I have done nothing but look around, swim, eat well, read and play smart. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this relaxed. I also think I gained 2 kilos, but luckily we don’t have scales in the room.

Today we are walking along the coast. We brought water, sandwiches, some fruit, and swimming gear, and Kevin is brave enough to carry a backpack. I inhale deeply the scent of salt and spice, watch the boats bobbing in the azure sea in the distance and feel my shirt sticking to my back. It’s so hot that my feet slip into my shoes. “Shall we go swimming?” suggest.

Kevin stares at the sky with his hand over his eyes. “I think we’d better get back in the car, I think it’s about to thunder.” He points to a dark, ominous cloud, and now I also notice that the wind is starting to blow and the seagulls are screaming ominously.

We turned back and less than ten minutes later it started raining hard. Bright flashes are followed by thunder so loud that the earth trembles. “On the way there I saw a sheep hut somewhere, we can take shelter there!” Call Kevin. “It was so!”

We both started running as the rain fell on our faces. inside no time I’m drenched in my underwear and I’m drenched in my sandals. Meanwhile, there’s only a second or two or three seconds between the flash and the thunder: a sign that we’re in the middle of a storm. It is not good to pass through a barren plain into a stone hut. But we will succeed.

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The entrance is so low that we have to bend our knees, as it smells of hay and sheep and manure inside. I sit on the floor in a place free of poop, wrap my arms around my knees and begin to chatter my teeth. Kevin unpacks his bag, looking for a dry towel. Another bright white flash, followed almost immediately by a shrill thunder. “Shit!” I scream in shock. “You’re not going to hit that cabin, are you?”

“I think this thing has been around for a few centuries, so I don’t think there is a chance.” He grabs the towel and says, “Take off your shirt and I’ll dry you off.” I took off my shirt and bra and my breasts were so cold that goosebumps would rise and my nipples would stand out. Dry me gently.

“Kevin?” I pull his head towards me and we kiss until the lightning strikes so close that we both give up on each other in shock. “If these are the last minutes,” he says, “I’m glad I was with you.” He threw the towel over us and we huddled together to wait for the storm to pass.

I haven’t responded to Dick Hance and haven’t heard from him since. Is he angry about it? Has he found another sexual partner, or is he just not interested in me anyway? I know it’s better this way, but I still feel anxious about it.

Floor Faber is 30 or older, lives with Kevin, and works as an editor at an entertainment website.

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