Museum removes ‘old white’ display case with Nobel Prize, but ‘didn’t wake up much’

Museum removes ‘old white’ display case with Nobel Prize, but ‘didn’t wake up much’

Wake doesn’t exist, it’s fine, and this isn’t wake up at all

Magic interview in Leiden’s student magazine Marie with curator Ad Maas, who truly believes that with these quotations he has dispelled the “myth” that his museum has fallen prey to the awakening. It would be funny if people in the art and museum world, like Ad Maas, weren’t exactly in the footsteps of losing their jobs from one moment to the next. See: Bart Drenth, TEFAF.

Quote 1
Curator Boerhaave Ad Maas, also Professor by Special Appointment of Museum Aspects of the Natural Sciences: ‘The sequence of events should also be established. An article appeared in Leidsch Dagblad last week about the NWO museum grant by researcher Hillbrand Waters and it has been recently discussed that Nobel laureates are no longer from It’s possible to see them in the museum. I understood that the necessary reactions appeared on Facebook. We would have fallen prey to extreme wookie, or something. That’s not the case.”

Quote 2
“The hall underwent a facelift more than a year ago. The new design of the exhibition case with the Nobel Prize winners did not fit the new design.”

citation 3
So the Nobel laureates go back to the museum?
‘absolute. Nor was their return in some form at all controversial. We’re just looking beyond the old white men and individual accomplishments.”

golden Constructive advertising tip: Place signs near the display box stating that Nobel Prize winners like Tinbergen and Einthoven too kept slaves He said something mean to the employee!

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