His grandson in the United States thinks his name is ‘Takoba’

“I think they will drop atomic bombs. Or Ukraine will be crushed.”

Theodore Holman

“We decided to celebrate,” said the old man.

“Because…if I may say…we still love each other,” said the old woman.

“Because we are old, everyone thinks we will die soon or something. This is the last time we see each other,” said the old man.

His old wife said, “Well Wim, we are old and we can die at any moment. But we are not sick and we are still enjoying life. That is the reason for this party, right?”

“The word of a party.. it is more than a gathering, a reception; fifty years together is a long time,” said the old man.

“And we still love each other,” said the old woman.

“Yes…and we love life…but what if life loves us…”

“What you mean?” asked his wife.

“We love each other, we love life, but we also have …”

“It’s a holiday, Wim!” The old woman said… “As if I didn’t know any grief about it…… I am using the present on purpose for today… I knew. Complete.”

“I get it, my dear, but Theodore has known us for a long time, he knows …”

“Stop, Wim… It’s a holiday.”

The old man said, “That’s right, we give this reception because we are the world… How do I say… I don’t think the happy times are coming. Then we got this.”

“We have a rich life anyway, Wim.”

“Yes, but … I think they will drop atomic bombs. There is simply no other way. Or Ukraine will be crushed. And everything beautiful, bakers, butchers, cafes, also disappears. Prices go up and up. Things can’t go right. I noticed. That’s all in. And what goes into our country here? I don’t discriminate, I’m still from PvdA, but are there homes for these starters? Is there a business for it, is there… and PvdA… goes to GroenLinks. That’s like a diversion A canal house to a winding log cabin.”

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“Come, Wim, we’re having a party. Maybe we should go have some drinks,” said the old woman.

“Yes…” said the old man.

“We have said to each other many times: We have to get through this. But? And we always get through it.”

Theodore Holman (1953) is a columnist, writer, and television and radio producer. Every day, except Sunday, you can read his column here. Read all his columns again in the archive.

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