How the NBA Star Destroyed His Image |  Other sports

How the NBA Star Destroyed His Image | Other sports

It might have come as a shock to many. The news that basketball player Kevin Durant on Twitter had a personal quarrel with actor Michael Rapaport and was not shy about anti-gay statements. Anyone who has followed the Brooklyn Nets star for quite some time knows that he is often teased on social media about Durant.

Durant made headlines recently when Michael Rapaport shared screenshots of his personal conversation with Durant on Twitter. Everyone could then see what the two were discussing. Durant made several anti-gay comments threatening to spit Rappaport in the face the next time he ran into him. And on top of it all, the basketball player mentioned a place and time in New York to settle the dispute in person. The NBA imposed the highest possible fine of $ 50,000 on Durant, but did not stop him.

This isn’t the first time Durant has run into trouble over his social media use. The young striker has been known for years as one of the best in the world, but also as someone with very long toes. For example, he regularly responds to all kinds of Twitter users who criticize him, even though these are small accounts. However, he doesn’t always do this to his name.

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Burner accounts

In 2017, it turns out that Durant has been recalled Burner accounts Used to respond to critics. These are accounts with a different name and picture. Famous people can use these accounts to participate in discussions anonymously. The existence of these accounts came to light when Durant, on his verified private account, criticized the coach and players of his former club OKC Thunder. However, Durant spoke of himself in the third person here, stating that he had responded by mistake with his official account, not his official account. Burner calculation.

In Europe, Durant may not be a household name for everyone. This is different in America. Durant is one of the faces of the NBA. For example, after the 2013/2014 season, it became a Most Valuable Player From the league and won two championships. Overall, he is considered the best player on the planet after LeBron James. That’s what makes his anonymously arguing position with random fans on Twitter so unrealistic. You can compare it to Cristiano Ronaldo who is trying to convince football fans under a false name that he is really better than Lionel Messi and that Juventus’ poor performance lately is not because of him.

Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant. © AP


The discovery that Durant was active with fake accounts in 2017 sparked an ironic laugh on social media. Durant has faced widespread criticism from basketball fans and analysts for years. They blame him for signing the Golden State Warriors in 2016. That team had won 73 games the previous year and eliminated Durant’s OKC Thunder en route to the NBA Finals. It was felt that Durant had taken the easy way to get to the address.

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Join the superhero team of Steve Carey and Clay Thompson, instead of facing this team. In part because of the championship being chased in this way, much of America still sees LeBron James as a bigger player than Kevin Durant and it hurts him. Durant has repeatedly stated over social media that he personally thinks about this differently.

Now, five years later, Durant’s image has improved a bit. Early last year, he moved to the Brooklyn Nets, where he was once again surrounded by many world stars. Along with James Harden and Kerry Irving, Durant is now the Big Three in New York. However, the new team does not mean that Durant has turned its back on his old habits. Last year he still admits Burner calculationS to use. Thus, a random Twitter profile of 11 followers could hide one of the biggest stars in American sports.

Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant. © AP

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