How Princess Amalia follows the example of Princess Elizabeth

How Princess Amalia follows the example of Princess Elizabeth

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How Princess Amalia follows the example of Princess Elizabeth

Our Crown Princess is not the first to give up a large chunk of money.

Princess Amalia received a lot of praise last week — not just for her diploma with distinction, but (in particular!) for compromising her million-dollar allowance with an elegant letter. However, she’s not the first princess to lose a significant amount of money.

The crown prince and princesses

A large number European heirs to the throne He settled really well as a working monarch with his court and family (think Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Definitely Crown Prince Charles of the United Kingdom). It is not surprising that they are well paid for their royal duties.

But what about the other young heirs to the throne? to me Princess Amalia? Are there also generous allocations to them?

friendly thanks

There aren’t many Crown Princes who are in the same boat as Amalia, but she has set a good example in the heir apparent to our southern neighbors.

19 years Crown Princess Elizabeth From the age of eighteen she was entitled to a pleasant “gift” of about nine tons a year, but she also thanked her for this. Elizabeth wanted to focus on her military training rather than cutting ribbons and elegant dresses for special occasions. Just as ‘our’ Amalia would prefer to take a break next year to travel and do an internship.

little princesses

Then there is Spain’s Princess Leonor, who still lives on her father’s pocket, as secondary heir to the throne. Although Leonor is 15 years old More energetic than many other crown princesses: She accompanies her parents regularly and has made a work visit on her own. Before she can start thinking about studies and allowances, she has to finish high school first. You will do it from the next school year in Wales, where you will do it Princess Alexia’s classmate can become.

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Other teenage princes and princesses (yet) can’t count on cute pocket money. 17-year-old Norwegian Princess Ingrid Alexandra must see her father Haakon take the throne. Just like Prince Christian of Denmark (15) he must let his father go first.

Amalia and Elizabeth

Are there many similarities between Crown Princess Amalia and Elizabeth besides giving up their allowance? The two are about two years apart, have a similar future and no doubt know each other.

although Elizabeth Perhaps an example to Amalia, she is not to many others, according to Belgian royal watcher Thierry Debels: “Amalia is a true model in the Netherlands. While there are quite a few girls among us who look up to Elizabeth.” So while both ladies are known for being spontaneous, elegant and at times a bit stubborn. This duo could be a beautiful queen in just a few years!

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