Marilyn Manson surrenders to police over spitting incident |  gossip

Marilyn Manson surrenders to police over spitting incident | gossip

Manson allegedly assaulted a video journalist at a concert in New Hampshire at the time. After turning himself in, he was allowed to leave without paying a deposit, according to reports Sixth page.

In consultation with police in Guilford, New Hampshire, where the incident occurred in 2019, it was agreed that Manson would report there in August to face trial for his wrongdoing. He is said to have spat on a female journalist’s camera several times during his performance, in violation of the organization’s rules.

“He spat on him and on one occasion he was in front of the camera, which logically irritated the journalist. Then he” shot” a huge bubble of mucus on her personally, which made him laugh out loud, but she did not find it funny at all, “according to an eyewitness.


Manson’s lawyer believes the charge is “ridiculous,” but says the singer will fully cooperate with authorities. If Manson is convicted, he could be imprisoned for a few months and have to pay a fine of 1,700 euros.

The eccentric singer has come under fire in recent months, after several women accused him of sexual assault, including actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Esme Bianco. They claim that Manson abused, humiliated and manipulated them completely against their will. As a result, Manson Records and his management set him aside. At the moment, the singer maintains that he is innocent.

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