What do you think about parents posting their kids on social media?  |  Join the conversation

What do you think about parents posting their kids on social media? | Join the conversation

Gigi wrote in her letter, “What I want to tell you is that we never consciously share pictures of our daughter showing her face. We want her to grow up in peace and make up her mind later.”

The reason for choosing Nicolette and Bass is closely related to this. After a discussion arose about one of his social media posts on Instagram in July 2020, Bas wrote, “Oh, we share enough and we think girls should be able to decide for themselves later. I’m glad I didn’t have any pictures of me in my childhood Float on the internet ;-)”.

So these famous parents believe that their kids should be able to choose themselves later to appear on social media. But also for the unfamiliar parent, it may be wise to only share the photos with their loved ones. For example, photos can be taken out of context and fall into the wrong hands, according to an article in Trouw.


Others see that, especially when it comes to celebrities, it is integral to having their children known to the entire world. This Twitterer responds to Gigi’s post that Gigi should have considered before choosing a career. She writes that the more she tries to hide her daughter, the more people try to take pictures of her.

Also in one of Bas Smit’s Instagram posts, in which their daughters’ hair is blown out in front of their faces, one of them reacted with disappointment: “It’s a pity that your girls always have to cover their faces. I will never cover my beautiful granddaughter’s faces like that, it’s too bad.”

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