Horror and Sweets During Pumpkin Hunting in Oss |  OS EO

Horror and Sweets During Pumpkin Hunting in Oss | OS EO

OSS – Halloween blows a little more from the US to the Netherlands every year. In Oss and Geffen, children took to the streets Saturday evening to hunt for real pumpkins: shivering and snacking at one another. What else do you want?

When driving through the main streets, the rear lights of your front car give the illusion of bloody marks on your windshield, but if you drive deep into the surroundings, you see decorated houses. Floating witches, fluttering ghosts and many glowing pumpkins can be admired in dozens of Ose houses. Four-year-old Julia sees some children snatching candy from their basket from the doorway. She is dressed as a witch and has warts on her green face with a large hook nose. She is ready for the creepy walk.

“Look what a terrible hand I have!” She held out a large plastic hand, on which hung a bag. Julia didn’t think scared. No matter what: I thought I was scared when I was 3, but now I’m older. In other words, do you know the real name of the witch? “

Decorated houses in Wijkestijn, for pumpkin hunting. © Von Assentelft Photo / Thomas Shakers

Horror journey
It rains, but it does not reduce the horror. A group of boys screaming and running in the streets, especially on the streets where many houses take part in the hunt, a group of people are constantly coming out of the darkness. Parents with umbrellas and children dressed in their fluttering panties quickly looking like little ghosts.

At the participating house, they quickly run to the bowl of candy and then quickly dive back under the blanket. A small white twinko stands on the Vezelstraat. A boy comes out to fill his pockets with some good stuff. “We saw it well,” his mother smiles through the open window. “What bad weather, but going by car can easily drive to different environments.”

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The houses in Titus Brandsmaplein were decorated for the pumpkin hunt.
The houses in Titus Brandsmaplein were decorated for the pumpkin hunt. © Von Assentelft Photo / Thomas Shakers

Pig’s head in the window
Below Vezelstraat, Gerrie van Breda stands under the carport with her husband and daughter. They have already donated at least 55 candy bags and Van Preda looks at his front yard with pride. “I started preparing a few weeks ago,” he says.

You can see it: in the window there are various jars filled with spiders, poisonous plants and even the head of a pig. The garden is full of spider webs and there is a parking lot next to the front door to illustrate. In the middle of the garden is a cooking pot boiling over an ornament, and below is a sunken tomb. Supernatural music is heard from the speakers, and Van Preda and her husband adorn themselves as Count Dracula and the witch. She likes it. “I am a Halloween fan. How nice it would be if Oz had a tradition like this.

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