Here’s what listeners are saying about the KIJK Podcast: Het Experiment

Here’s what listeners are saying about the KIJK Podcast: Het Experiment

The first five episodes of KIJK: Het Experiment can be listened to on well-known platforms such as Podimo, Spotify, and iTunes. But what do listeners think of our podcast?

In KIJK: Het Experiment, science journalist Diederik Jekel and KIJK Editor Laurien Onderwater discuss science’s most private experiments in an accessible way. The most beautiful, craziest and most useless experiments are discussed, scientists have their say, Daedric and Lorian conduct the experiments themselves. They want all of it Watch: the experiment Achieve maximum listening to podcasts in low countries. So it is an experience in itself.

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Haven’t you listened to the podcast yet? Overview of all episodes They can be found here. But what do people who have listened to the podcast think? Few reviews in a row.

Testimonials – Recommendations

Jekel and Onderwater work with their subjects with infectious enthusiasm and–courtesy of that–know how to explain complex concepts in an understandable way, without becoming overbearing. that makes Watch: the experiment Excellent collection of science trivia.

Joy Huisman – VARA Guide

I enjoyed listening again. I continue!

Ron Login

It’s so cool! I immediately went to buy lemons!

Stephen Debbie

Chemistry explodes!

Mary Van Heve

Speak a little slower. The pace is very fast. Very interesting content.

front glass

The fact that the crack in the knuckles is cracking is caused by a cooking bubble. never knew. Looking forward to more.

Miriam Smit Van Hall

Oh how I look forward to this podcast series!

Lisbeth Jongkind

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