Here are the men’s starting times in the World Cup Time Trials: 2 Dutchmen

Here are the men’s starting times in the World Cup Time Trials: 2 Dutchmen

The World Cycling Championships continue on Friday afternoon with the men’s time trial. 2 Dutchmen are at the start: Dan Hool and Jos van Emden. A total of 78 riders compete for the world title in a battle against the clock. Check out the opening times of the big names below.

Since there are 78 riders, the first 30 riders are relatively unknown (apart from German Nils Polit, who starts at 2:40pm), we start with the riders most people know. You can follow the match live Live stream on

Start times are World Championship Time Trials

16:14;40: Ben Healy (Ireland)
16:16;00: Tom Skujins (Latvia)
16:20;00: Patrick Kamper (Austria)
16:21;20: Derek Key (Canada)
16:22;40: Maciej Bodnar (Poland)
16:26;40: Leonard Kamna (Germany)
16:30;40: Lawson Craddock (USA)
16:32;00: Dan Hool (Netherlands)

16:33;20: Nelson Oliveira (Portugal)
16:36;00: Caspar Askrin (Denmark)
16:37;20: Rohan Dennis (Australia)
16:38;40: Mattia Cattaneo (Italy)
16:41;20: Wood Van Aert (Belgium)
16:42;40: Stefan Bissecker (Switzerland)
16:46;40: Brandon McNulty (USA)
16:48;00: Jos van Emden (Netherlands)

16:50;40: Joao Almeida (Portugal)
16:52;00: Remi Cavaghna (France)
16:53;20: Mikkel Bjerg (Denmark)
16:56;00: Dadej Bokar (Slovenia)
16:57;20: Jay Wynne (Australia)
16:58;40: Filippo Canna (Italy)
17:00;00: Geraint Thomas (Great Britain)
17:01;20: Remco Evenepoel (Belgium)
17:02;40: Stefan Kung (Switzerland)
17:04;00: Tobias Foss (Norway)

The full list can be found here

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