"Heineken kidnapper Jan Pollard blackmailed the sisters of Willem Holeder"

“Heineken kidnapper Jan Pollard blackmailed the sisters of Willem Holeder”

Heineken kidnapper Jan Boillard blackmailed the sisters of Willem Holeder. He demanded a share of the book’s proceeds Judah by Astrid Holder.

This is what John van den Heuvel wrote on Tuesday in his book vertical at telegraph. According to the crime reporter, this extortion was the cause of the feud between Astrid Holder and Lebowski Publishing.

In 2016, this publisher introduced the book Judah from. In the book, Astrid Holider, sister of Willem Holider, describes her childhood. She also discusses her relationship with her older brother and the reason for testifying against him. She also described how she collected evidence against Willem Holeder.

The book became an international bestseller and was turned into a TV series that aired on RTL4 in 2019. The book was followed up in 2017. It was re-edited by Lipowski.

Stop the real crime

At the beginning of 2020, he was a publisher and publisher of books like mukro mafia On Cold lizard (Biography of the criminal Stanley Hillis) suddenly admitted to giving up the real crime. The authors of the crimes were told that no new books would be published anymore. The collaboration between Lebowski and Astrid Holleeder also ended. She has since moved on to AW Bruna Publishers.

According to John van den Heuvel, the dispute between Lebowski and Houlder arose because the publisher We want to be gangsters By Jean Poillard Wants Release. “Does such a person deserve a book, you wonder?” John van den Heuvel writes.

Lebowski Publishing, which also published Astrid Hollander’s books, seemed to think so. The fact that Boellaard blackmailed Willem Holder’s sisters in the same period, because he wanted a portion of Judas’ profits, did not seem to play a role. Astrid Holder later left Lebowski and did the same.

In the end, Lebowski did not publish Jean Poillard’s book. at the same time Is it in the store yet?. Just Publishers recently released it.

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