Fear of food shortages at Christmas

Fear of food shortages at Christmas

With the arrival of a new virus, the UK is becoming increasingly isolated. The grounding in air traffic is congesting airports and disrupting cargo traffic, in part due to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

to me British media The English feared a lack of food. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet are having a crisis meeting over the chaotic situation today. More and more European and non-European countries are banning travel from the UK. The reason for this is the new, contagious form of the coronavirus.

France blocks

This means complete isolation for the British. In addition to air traffic, freight transportation is also affected. This is partly because France does not allow freight traffic from the UK for 48 hours. Thousands of trucks cross the canal through the Euro Tunnel every day. The port of Calais in France is one of the most important transit points for the British for all imports and exports. There are no more Eurotunnel shuttles since Sunday evening. The Port of Dover is also closed to all departing traffic. Simply put, you can enter the UK, but you cannot leave.

The French only allow the transport of goods where the cargo is not accompanied by people. This means that the goods are transported by ship and the truck driver stays behind. Thousands of truck drivers can now no longer return to the European Union.

Food shortage

to me Watchman French and Belgian measures impede the supply of food and other products. The past 48 hours have seen chaos in the ports and current freight traffic. to me Sky News It now appears that the restrictions will last longer and that could lead to a shortage of supermarkets.

Ports have been rumbling for the past few days. Britain’s exit from the European Union is causing businesses to take stock of the crowds around Christmas. This led to long traffic jams on both sides of the canal.


Air travel from the UK will also be hampered. Meanwhile, air traffic to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Ireland and Finland has been suspended. But countries outside Europe also do not allow air traffic from the UK. Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, among others, have announced these measures.

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