Heavy rain falls in parts of Spain and Portugal

Heavy rain falls in parts of Spain and Portugal

The parachute will be useful in Spain and Portugal in the near future. Image: Adobe Stock/Guide

Are you going on holiday to Spain or Portugal soon? Then your vacation may be ruined, because heavy rains can be expected here in the near future. In this article you can read more about the weather conditions for the coming days in Spain and Portugal.

Northwest Portugal and Spain are currently experiencing some rain. Elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula, it remains dry with plenty of sunshine, but this will change in the near future.

From Sunday, areas of regularly active showers will move from the Atlantic Ocean over Portugal and the western part of Spain. Thunderstorms are possible during showers. The shower areas bring significant amounts of rain: more than 100 mm of rain may fall in parts of northern Portugal and Galicia until Wednesday. Not only rain, but wind also becomes a deciding factor. Storms south of Lisbon cannot be ruled out for some time on Tuesday. So it is wise for vacationers in these areas to keep a close eye on the weather forecast.

Nowadays it’s downright variable

Even after Wednesday, the weather will remain quite changeable in the Iberian Peninsula and a large amount of rainwater will be added. There are even weather models that expect more than 200 mm of rain to fall at the regional level until next Sunday. This equates to 20 buckets of water per square meter. It seems that the amounts of rain on the known Spanish coasts are not too bad.

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Bad weather on the Spanish coast. Image: Adobe Stock/Sanidor

Moreover, it becomes less warm. For example, the temperature in Lisbon drops from 25 degrees on Sunday to 22 degrees on Thursday. The temperature on the Spanish coast will range between 22 and 25 degrees next week.

Better weather for holidays in the Canary Islands

The weather on the Spanish mainland is in stark contrast to the weather in the Canary Islands. There will be a lot of holiday weather here in the near future with tropical temperatures. Later next week, there will be more cloud fields and the chance of some rain will increase, but large amounts of rain are not on the agenda. The temperature will also be a few degrees lower. Madeira will also see showers next week.

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