“Haas Comes to Austin with Red Bull Coffee”

“Haas Comes to Austin with Red Bull Coffee”

Since the introduction of ground effect rules in 2022, much has been said and written about laterals. Despite fears that the new rules would lead to similar cars, we saw a lot of variation in that first year. From Aston Martin’s vast wardrobes and Ferrari’s bathtub to Red Bull’s descent Washing down Concept and the infamous Mercedes Zeropod.

After 25 Grands Prix in the new era, it is now clear that Red Bull’s opinion was correct. And many teams followed that good example: we saw a green Red Bull in the form of the Aston Martin AMR22B, a blue version with updates for Williams and an orange variant from McLaren. Even Mercedes – within the confines of their extreme chassis – had to switch to one Washing down– Opinion. The Haas were the only team to completely ignore the trend.

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Ferrari concept

Like Ferrari, Haas has stuck with distinctive longitudinal valleys for the 2023, along with wider sidewalls. After all, this concept worked well for the Scuderia in the first half of 2022. With Ferrari offering a nearly complete car (including aerodynamics), it’s no surprise that the American build continued on the same footing.

But where the parent team has carefully worked towards a superior downwash concept through upgrades, Haas remains in place in Bahrain. Due to the lack of updates, the VF-23 has become a useless car.

In an extreme depiction of Ferrari’s problems, the car can only go so fast for one lap, after which the tires immediately melt. As a result, the group has only three points so far.

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The lack of pace certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by Haas boss Gunther Steiner. Opposite Car motor and sports The South Tyrolean said the team would finally come up with a complete update.

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Instead of continuing to focus on a failed concept, Steiner wants to tackle all the problems with B-Spec immediately and find a new development direction for the future. After all, McLaren has shown that it is possible. Like the Ferrari, the revised car is a precursor to a completely different engine for 2024:

“Next year we will completely rebuild the car to better understand the direction we need to go. Whatever we do, we will figure it out. [het huidige concept] No more lap time.”

“McLaren has proven that you can make a big leap with a concept change. There’s no point in adding new parts to your existing car all the time.”

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Write it down

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According to AMuS, the VF-23B will inherit the required characteristics from the currently dominant Red Bull RB19. The new hood, sidepods and floor will draw inspiration from RBR.

However, the update won’t appear until late October, before the US Grand Prix at the Austin Circuit of the Americas. So Haas can pre-book races in Singapore, Japan and Qatar.

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