Bruce Springsteen canceled concerts due to illness

Bruce Springsteen canceled concerts due to illness

Bruce Springsteen Live at TW Classic 2023. © Tim Wernimmen

Last week there were rumors that Bruce Springsteen + the E Street Band would be touring in 2024, but things didn’t go well for The Boss this week. Springsteen is being treated for ulcer symptoms. His medical advisors have advised the singer to postpone all performances in September.

Next month, Bruce and his band will play eight shows in the US. They will be in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, Bruce Springsteen is not doing well and is showing signs of a stomach ache and injury. He is expected to undergo treatment in September, after which he will be able to resume his North American tour. are after September Programs are scheduled For example, in Canada.

Earlier this summer, the band canceled two other shows in the US, namely in Philadelphia. These have been rescheduled for Wednesday 21st and Friday 23rd August 2024. So the one for next year is already confirmed, Bruce will be in Philadelphia at the end of August. What he will do in 2024 is still only rumours. There are rumors here and there of a new tour in 2024, but the truth remains to be seen.

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