Voorbeschouwing Grand Prix Amerika: Verstappen kan gooi doen naar zege

Grand Prix America Preview: Verstappen Can Achieve Success | GPFans Special

We are preparing for the seventeenth Grand Prix of the season: betting in the United States. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton finished the championship by just six points, but who holds the best papers?

The Formula 1 World Championship is more exciting than ever and every point counts from now on. With six races remaining on the calendar, Verstappen is leading the title race, but feels a hot breath around Hamilton’s neck. This weekend we will be driving to the United States Grand Prix in Texas, the question is who will travel to Mexico as the championship in the next two weeks of competition. We look closely at the opportunities of both human beings.


Both Red Bull and Mercedes claim to be performing better in the Austin round, but is that true? If we look at the wins in full, Mercedes will just hit the clock. Since 2014, the German motorcycle manufacturer has won at least five of the six races. Hamilton was the fourth man in a row from 2014 to 2017. Kimi Raikkonen was able to win once between Ferrari and the last edition in 2019 was won by Valteri Potas.

Of course, we have to take into account that Mercedes has always had the best car on the stage since 2014 and the Red Bull is not really close, which is different this year. So it is interesting to see the results of Red Bull. For the past three years, Red Bull has always done exactly that. In 2017, Verstappen fell from the podium behind Ryconan and Sebastian Vettel’s fast Ferraris. A year later, the Dutchman was able to drive from P3 to P3 more efficiently than Hamilton. The last phase in Austin, starting with Verstappen P3 and ending there, is only nine out of ten of his title contenders this year.

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COTA really offers something for everyone. The first sector is mainly very fast with fast corner additions, while the second and third sectors are a bit slower and more technical. It should definitely be seen, but in terms of layout, Red Bull should come out better in the field with faster diagonal combinations. There is a long straight in Sector 2, which is definitely Christ for the plant for Mercedes and Hamilton. The third sector is expected to remain the same. This means that both drivers and barns on this track do not expect significant benefit from one another, so there are definitely opportunities for both teams.

Book makers

It is always a pleasure to understand the thoughts of bookmakers. Slightly liked by most bookmakers, his name is Hamilton. Bookmakers value his chances slightly more than Verstappen, and it has to do everything with the good form that Mercedes has shown in recent weeks and the good power that Racing Stable seems to have found. It is questionable whether this can be echoed in Texas. The bookmakers give Hamilton more than 1.9 and the Dutch more than 2.7, thus narrowing the seven-time world champion.

Does the shape and luck of the day determine that?

This is not the first time this season and it is clear that the differences in Texas are not large. Depends on the feeling, the joy and the shape of the day. The differences are not expected to be too great and both Hamilton and Verstappen could compete for a win on the American circuit. Anyway, this promises to be another wonderful weekend and we can say it for sure!

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