Farewell Agent Gibbs at NCIS The show attracts millions of viewers in the United States

Farewell Agent Gibbs at NCIS The show attracts millions of viewers in the United States

7.4 million Americans watched actor Mark Hormon last play Agent Gibbs on Monday evening. NCIS. It became the most-watched show of the evening in the United States and the show beat, for example, the local version of the Dutch format. The voice (6.8 million viewers).

The number of viewers could have been much higher if it had been announced in advance that this was the last episode of Hormone, but it was amazing. Hormone Leroy played the lead role of Jethro Gibbs in the series for more than eighteen years, which has been running since 2003, producing several spin-offs and airing in the Netherlands.

Hormone will be involved as an executive producer in the series, but the return to the front of the camera is not questionable. “Fans of the show know, you can never turn off Leroy Zeto Gibbs completely,” said producer Steven D. Pinder said on Instagram.

So this series will continue without the hormone, which is a bad idea in the opinion of some fans. ‘That’s Gibbs NCISSounds like, among other things, the show’s official Instagram account.

The then cast of NCIS in 2012. P EPA

NCIS Has lost important faces in recent years. For example, actress Pauly Ferrett retired from the role of Abby Ciuto after the fifteenth series, two seasons after Michael Weatherley retired as flavor maker Anthony Dinoso. The actor has been successful in his own series for many years Dr. Bull.

Hormone has made little pocket money in her role NCIS. In recent years, he has consistently been on the list of highest-earning TV actors. The 70-year-old is said to have earned about $ 525,000 per episode, averaging $ 12.6 million (just under 11 11 million) a season.

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