F1 removes folder drivers by default with a double yellow flag

F1 removes folder drivers by default with a double yellow flag

Racing management will automatically cancel the folding time of drivers who pass the double yellow flags practice or a field that qualifies. This is clear from the so-called Event Notes From the Director of Racing for the American Grand Prix.

Through this move, the sport is trying to take action to curb the debate over double yellow flags. As you know, the (local) yellow flag is waved when an incident happens on the road. This indicates that they need to be slow and careful.

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The double yellow flag, as the name implies, is very intense in nature. If double yellow flags are waved, drivers should be slow enough to stop immediately. In recent years, however, there has been a regular debate about whether drivers under the double yellow have slowed down ‘significantly’ enough.

In the previous match, in Turkey, some bargaining was talked about after qualifying. Fernando Alonso was interrogated for speeding in the double yellow, but did so on his first flying lap. As he then set the fastest time, the potential mistake was found to be irrelevant. So he was not punished.

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New approach

To prevent such conflicts in the future, the ethnic administration is trying something new. Any fold time set when a driver drives through a field or part of the lane where the double yellow flag is hanging will now be removed. Since this happens naturally, the ethnic administration no longer has to look at each incident individually.

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This approach is, in a sense, twofold. In the first place, drivers can no longer set a fold under the double yellow. This should encourage drivers to use their throttle in areas where the double yellow flag is waved because there is nothing to improve safety.

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