"Our avocado antioxidants are especially popular in South America"

“Our avocado antioxidants are especially popular in South America”

At this year’s Fruit Gravity Exhibition in Madrid, Food AFC was pleasantly surprised by the sheer enthusiasm in its products. Alberto Labrado, Distribution Manager, Spain and South America, said: “Despite the large number of visitors, it went better than expected.” People came to us on purpose and we immediately knew what we were standing for. ” They are gaining international popularity.Alberto Labrado and Benjamin Singh, Head of Technology Sales, spoke about this, as well as IQF avocados and goals for 2022.

Innovative antioxidants for IQF avocado
With the summer and increased vaccine coverage, the situation has improved from Peelfeld to the company. During the locks, the existing functions were stable, while the food was only for customer plans that were new and important. But the locks have allowed many customers from other countries to reactivate, which has boosted sales, especially in retail and catering.

“Our antioxidants for IQF avocados represent an innovation in this field. All that has been used so far has been a simple mixture of different fruit acids. Especially in South America, many farms have experienced problems with this. According to Benjamin Singh, the texture, color and taste of avocados are preserved after dissolving, and according to Benjamin, this form is unprecedented.

Important Product: Apple
However, antioxidants are especially popular with fresh cut apples. According to Benjamin, it will continue: “Apples are particularly oxidized, which will turn brown in a few minutes. Benjamin sees similar positive growth in avocados. These exotics require high levels of antioxidants.” Food can use new resources.

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In addition to the laboratory in Peelfeld and the factory in Hameln, the company also has bases in Italy, Canada and Spain. A new place in Colombia or Peru is fantastic because avocados are especially big there.

Great delays in availability
For the production of its products, food buys raw materials fresh from different parts of the world. Prices of raw materials have risen sharply over the past year, and increased container freight rates have again caused major delays, resulting in lower volumes. Special ships and vessels that were not allowed to dock were a big problem. “We now have large stocks to meet the demand for our products. We would like to try to maintain our stocks to meet the growing demand, especially in the winter or the first quarter of 2022.”

At the same time, Benjamin will certainly “return to normal soon.” “Fruit attraction was already a positive signal. After all, it too has gone bankrupt. However, people are noticing a return to optimism. When fruit logistics go well – despite the unfavorable times of the year – look to the future with the utmost confidence we can.”

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