Gold Nonprofits

Gold Nonprofits

Frederick Levlang
Head of NPO

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, NOS, Onghord Netherlands, Van Rijn Commission, Van Geel Commission, are angry Op1– Mastodon, Not Listening to People Enough, Listening Too Much to People, Personal Security, Geert Melders, Hell NPO 3 Ratings, Disastrous New App with No Chromecast Functionality, etc.

After a glorious career as a lawyer, Frederic Levlang was looking for “more complexity” in her work. She was richly rewarded as captain of a ship that headed to about fourteen icebergs. Vice President Geert Wilders is now busy removing lifeboats from the ship. There's probably only one boat left for someone as unheard of as Arnold Carskins and Pound Dominic, who have already tickled PVV's belly by saying it should be the end to all this shit, inclusivity, gender neutrality and oat milk.

Amidst all these screaming men, the nonprofit's board president and Zuidas alumni are standing their ground for now. Boost: Praise from broadcast bosses for improving the atmosphere in the usually dreary Media Park. No one knows how much of the Golden NPO will remain in 2024, but we would like to give Leeflang a less complicated year. Long live Lifelang!

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