Is this the Countess's friend Eloise?

Is this the Countess's friend Eloise?

RealityFBI smoothie channel thinks she knows Eloise's boyfriend and shared a photo on Instagram.

Eloise van Oranje is one of the most famous influencers in the Netherlands. She shares lots of great fashion tips, tricks and inspiration, but she also shares a lot about her private life on Instagram. Her boyfriend never appears on social media. So everyone is curious to know who Eloise is in a relationship with. RealityFBI juice channel decided to investigate the matter and found photos of the happy couple.

According to the juice channel, Eloise has been happy with Archie McLean's bunt for months. It is said that he has already been spotted on several family outings of the royal family. It is not known whether he also attended Christmas dinner. But he and Eloise were photographed at a party a while ago, and RealityFBI was able to obtain the photo.

In the photo, Eloise is wearing an elegant sequin dress, while Archie is wearing a smart suit with a tie. It seems that the two are head over heels in love with each other. Who knows, Eloise may soon share more about her prince riding a white horse.

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