Gerrit Heemstra warns holidaymakers in the Alpine region of the arrival of dangerous storms – Jupp

Gerrit Heemstra warns holidaymakers in the Alpine region of the arrival of dangerous storms – Jupp


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“For the next few days all the time Alpine region a lot #regen. Up to Monday and that includes in many places more than 100mm, and in northern Italy between Turin and Milan maybe 300mm by this typical calculation! If this spreads, it could be disastrous!”

that Weather forecaster Gerrit Heemstra writes on X (formerly Twitter). He warns Dutch vacationers of the coming storm in the Alps. A motorist says he wants to drive from Milan to Basel on Wednesday afternoon. Heemstra leaves there There is no misunderstanding about it: “I will not do that.”

Southern Germany also experienced flooding.

“If you are in the area, you better stay where you are and you shouldn’t go out. So far it is already raining heavily in many places in the mountainous region.” quotes m Popular meteorologist. “Stay where you are, and don’t get too close to the rivers. It is not excluded that what is coming will cost lives.” He also warns tourists to resist the temptation to look at the swirling waters and turn away from them because the situation is much more dangerous and unpredictable than people are used to in the Netherlands.

It is also unwise: starting on the way home tomorrow. Definitely across the Brenner Pass, Heemstra warns. No, the meteorologist is not trying to cause unnecessary disturbances, but above all hoping to keep as many people as possible safe. “On vacation, you don’t usually bother with that kind of message. Then you think about other things. That’s why I want to inform as many people as possible. I’m afraid what happens will dominate the news on Monday, although I hope it won’t be too bad. Not “It is unlikely that what comes next will cost lives. These are conditions that we don’t really know in the Netherlands.”

And in northern Italy, rainfall can get as high as 300mm, which means the risk of flooding is high, in part because water in the mountains can only go in one direction. The extreme weather is due to a phenomenon known as the Genoa depression, but its intensity seems unprecedented this time. Heemestra speaks of a “very severe weather event”. Last month, Dutch tourists ran into serious problems during deadly storms in Slovenia.

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Meteorologists warn that floods and mudslides are imminent due to the continuous rains in southern Germany, Switzerland and the western part of Austria. It also occurs in southern France and northern Italy. In France, Météo France announced the orange symbol for the marine department of Alpes and the island of Corsica on Sunday evening and Monday, due to “very high rain intensity” and winds of more than 100 kilometers per hour. Stronger storms are expected at sea. The yellow code applies in other departments.

In many Central European countries, emergency services were busy with severe weather this weekend. And in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, heavy rains and strong winds caused a lot of inconvenience. Thousands of people were left without electricity. Switzerland also experiences severe weather. In the east of the country, there is a risk of landslides due to the heavy rains. In Poland alone, the fire brigade went out more than 3,000 times yesterday and today, TVN24 news channel reported. It was particularly striking in the southeastern region of the Subcarpathian region. There, homes and roads were flooded and trees were downed. More than 78,000 households in and around the city of Dibica were without electricity, as all four power lines leading to the city were cut.

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