Germany joins the US and France in favoring Rutte as NATO chief

Germany joins the US and France in favoring Rutte as NATO chief

UpgradeMore countries are backing Mark Rudd's bid to become NATO chief executive. Besides the US and France, German Chancellor Scholz also wants Rutte as NATO chief. A spokesman for the German government confirmed this, Reuters news agency reported. If Rutte garners enough support, he will succeed Jens Stoltenberg as secretary-general of the military coalition.

On Thursday afternoon, France also backed Rutte's candidacy. A senior French official told Reuters that President Emmanuel Macron initially supported the Dutch. And US President Joe Biden wants Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to become the new head of NATO.

Rutte has been described as a 'born leader' with a knack for communication. The coalition could benefit from his leadership at this crucial time.

The White House is openly backing outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte as NATO's new top man. A spokesman confirmed US support for the Dutch candidate. According to him, Rutte would be a great leader. The news site Politico previously reported, citing a US official, that Rutte is getting Biden's support. So Rudd's appointment is imminent. With Biden's blessing, more NATO allies are expected to back his candidacy.

UK backs Mark Rutte as NATO's new secretary-general The British Foreign Office believes he is the most suitable successor to Stoltenberg. According to a government spokesman, Rutte enjoys 'huge respect' within the Coalition and has the right background. “Rutte is highly respected across the coalition, has a proven track record in defense and security and will ensure the coalition remains strong, ready to defend and deter,” a British government spokesman said.

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Opposing candidate

Rutte is a favorite among NATO member states. According to Politico, 20 of the 31 member states now support him. Ultimately, he needs the support of all NATO member states.

Rutte is seen as the only official candidate, although Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has made it clear he is interested. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's name was also mentioned earlier. He made it clear on Thursday that he is not interested in the top job.

Now that many countries are publicly backing outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as the alliance's new top man, Romania is putting forward a counter-candidate for the NATO leadership. European officials said the country has told other NATO members it wants to nominate its president as a candidate for the defense alliance's secretary-general post.

According to observers, the appointment of President Klaus Iohannis complicates efforts by other allies to appoint Rutte. Iohannis recently called it “unacceptable” that none of the top jobs up for grabs this year would go to someone from Eastern Europe. NATO members there are said to feel 'left out' of NATO leadership.


Stoltenberg's term ends in October. NATO wants it in early April To complete the selection process, US NATO Ambassador Julian Smith said earlier this month. “The partners intend to complete this selection process as soon as possible in the first quarter of this calendar year. We would like to complete this process.

NATO's 31 members must unanimously decide who will succeed current Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg when his term ends in October. Rutte is said to already have two-thirds of member states behind him, but Turkey and Hungary are said to still stand in the way.

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A German newspaper reported recently Sunday World That may be German Chancellor Olaf Schaalz (SPD). Nomination of Ursula van der Leyen Stopped in NATO (CDU). Sources within the EU said there were 'increasing signs' that outgoing Prime Minister Rutte Stoltenberg would succeed him.

Stoltenberg's successor will take office during a tumultuous period for the coalition. Member States are currently supporting Russia-occupied Ukraine. There are also chances that Donald Trump will be re-elected as the President of the United States after the elections to be held in November. Republicans are critical of military cooperation with European allies.

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