The United States provides temporary shelter for residents of Hong Kong

The United States provides temporary shelter for residents of Hong Kong

U.S. President Joe Biden signed the agreement Thursday, which will allow long-term accommodation for Hong Kong residents currently living in the United States. According to A statement from the White House The signing makes it clear that Biden’s government is on the side of the Hong Kong people to deal with China’s “continued repression.”

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The plan applies to most Hong Kongers currently living in the United States, according to Reuters. They may be arrested once they return to their home country for their political views. However, certain conditions apply to obtaining temporary accommodation. For example, they may not have previously been convicted of a felony. They also have the opportunity to find work in the United States due to their temporary residency status.

In the document, Biden, among others, writes that China “continued” its attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy last year. In this way, the country “undermines” the rest of the democratic processes and institutions and reduces educational and press freedom. Moreover, Biden says he will “not back down” in his support for the people of Hong Kong.

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