Chain of trust at the Port of Rotterdam for all containers from Latin America •

Chain of trust at the Port of Rotterdam for all containers from Latin America •

As of March 31, 2024, all import containers entering the Port of Rotterdam from Latin America will be released securely and reliably only through Chain of Trust. The new way of working creates a closed logistics chain with known, authorized parties.

In a chain of trust, companies digitally transfer to each other the right to collect a container from a terminal. Only a carrier authorized by the Trust can go there. Collection of containers with pin codes that can be misused will stop. “The era of widely shared pin codes via email is over. In a chain of trust, all the information necessary for the safe and reliable collection of a container is transferred digitally from link to link,” said a spokesperson for the foundation.

The chain of trust makes Dutch port logistics chains resilient to unwanted external influences. Its implementation requires action from everyone in the logistics chain. It starts with the shipping company/ship broker and continues through the shipper, forwarder and carrier (truck, rail, inland shipping) to the terminal. A chain of trust represents a new way of working for all these parties.

“The impact of the chain of trust cannot be underestimated. This is a completely new and unique method of releasing and collecting containers. It is a big change for the entire logistics chain. Not only the direct customer of the shipping company is transferred, but the entire chain behind it must work through the trust chain.

Participating Shipping Companies/Ship Brokers

CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Maersk, MSC, ONE, OOCL and ZIM are shipping companies/shipbrokers sailing from Latin America to Rotterdam. Now they are adding their customers gradually. HMM, Yang Ming and (soon) Evergreen are also live with TrustChain. After containers imported from Latin America, shipping companies/ship brokers gradually implement a chain of trust for inbound deep-sea containers.

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chain of trust

chain of trust It is a collaborative effort between the business community and government agencies to digitally transform existing port logistics. A key part of this is the safe and reliable release and collection of import containers in Dutch ports. TrustChain operates mostly through PortBase's PortCommunity System, a neutral logistics platform for Dutch ports. On top of many existing digital services, Portbase has built an additional authentication layer for this purpose. The right to collect a container is passed securely from link to link. Everyone can work very efficiently. For example, participants benefit from smart reuse of data and gain optimal insight into the status and planning of import containers throughout the chain.

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