Game of Thrones actress suffered chronic claustrophobia after 'horrible' scene |  RTL Street

Game of Thrones actress suffered chronic claustrophobia after 'horrible' scene | RTL Street

Game of Thrones star Hannah Waddingham, 49, said she suffered from chronic claustrophobia because of a violent scene she had to play in the series.

“Game of Thrones gave me something I didn't expect.”

Through the long series consisting of eight seasons game of thrones There were many violent scenes that left you stunned as a viewer. One of these scenes contained the so-called Shame NounPlayed by Hannah. Leading actress Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey, is forced to walk naked through the city streets King's landing for walking.

Not long after, the same character faced much misery when Cersei took revenge on her. Hannah is subjected to waterboarding torture in the series and in the interview The Late Show with Stephen Colbert The actress explains the impact this had on her. “game of thrones “It gave me something I didn't expect, which was chronic claustrophobia.”

The actress underwent waterboarding for ten hours and said it was horrific. I've since spoken to executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss about it. “I was good for you guys, because it was terrible.” During the scene, Hannah was tied to a table with leather straps and unable to raise her head. “They said it would be too obvious if it was loose.” But Hannah didn't like the feeling of the straps being too tight over her head.

Hannah was then given a wet cloth over her face and repeatedly doused with water. This makes breathing nearly impossible and mimics drowning. In addition, Hannah's hair was covered in grape juice and one of her colleagues put his hand over her mouth as she screamed. “I had marks everywhere as if I had been attacked.”

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When Hannah meets a colleague later that day, he asks her in surprise: “What happened to you?” The man in question also endured the arduous task of filming. According to Hanna, he had to crawl across disgusting muddy terrain for “four days.”

According to Hannah game of thrones It never becomes a cinematic marvel, because the series is “on another level.” According to her, this includes real waterboarding.

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