G20 world leaders summit

G20 world leaders summit

The G20 is the largest economy in the world. These are countries such as the United States, China, Russia and the entire European Union.

The Netherlands participates

The Netherlands is also participating this year. Our country is not a permanent member, but is often invited to join the discussion because we trade a lot with other countries.

Financial issues

The G20 was created after the major financial crisis in Asia in 1999. Since then, world leaders have been discussing poverty, affordable food, and other financial issues, among others.


The summit is organized by a different country each year, and this year the meeting is being held in New Delhi, India.


The theme of this year’s summit is “The World is One Family.” But it’s not always that warm in that family. China will not come because it is fighting with India over the exact location of the border between the two countries. Russian President Putin also prefers to remain in Moscow.

Annoyance from monkeys

The G20 will have special security. Since rhesus monkeys regularly cause nuisance in New Delhi, men imitate the langur’s call. Rhesus macaques are terrified of this species and would hopefully ignore the monkey areas.

Climate consultation

In Africa, a major climate consultation is also taking place this week in Kenya. Countries hope that their results will be taken into account during the G20 consultations.

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