For Chris, 2022 begins with a huge challenge

For Chris, 2022 begins with a huge challenge

Posted on January 5, 2022

Whatever 2022 brings, the new year begins with a huge challenge for Siegerswoude’s Chris Kloster. The talented nineteen-year-old football player left on January 3 for four years to Franklin Springs in America, where he will study and play at Emmanuel College. “I have a bone yen guilt.”

The Drachter Boys and Dutch league club Leicester Eagles midfielder on Saturday boarded a flight to New York on Monday, where he will stay for a few days and then continue his Franklin Springs trip in the southern state of Georgia. He is allowed to live and study there for four years at the expense of the school and in return he has to play for the Emmanuel College football team.

The educational center was informed by a Dutch scout. After seeing the video images, the coach was quickly convinced, and saw a possible reinforcement for his Friesian football team. “I need your tech and tactics some tafuji. Kwa fysyk and úthâldingsfermogen how to teach Americans to dress up.” The week before Christmas, Chris says I have a Harren Kregen fan in the boot camp, that’s hot.

He ended up in an international group. He will play for an Austrian and a South American, among others. He looks forward to living and playing sports with peers from other cultures. “I’m a nijsgjirrich, the dy súd-American inside the fans are real winners, but the American sports establishment loves the moai for the mi girls.”

It will be a busy time. Chris will do two bachelor studies: digital media production and business, plus training and playing football will take a lot of time. Playing against college teams from the neighboring states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee means he’s a lot on the road. “We travel by bus to útwedstryden in three ûnderweis.”

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Although he was previously in America, two months in Miami Beach for an English course, being away from home for four years is a big step. He has confidence in it. “I adjust my maclec slot.” Furthermore, Franklin Springs is a small community of about eight hundred residents, just like Siegerswoude. It will make modification easier. “I think I want to be at home.”

At least he gets all the support from the home front. Father Freddy talks about an opportunity his son should not miss. “We encouraged him to do it. It is an experience from which he can only learn and grow. And if he doesn’t feel comfortable there, of course he can go home again. But maybe he loves it there so much that it stays there”

Mother Elsky does not hope so. She gives Chris his American adventure, but she will miss her son very much. “Sometimes I wake up feeling unsettled. And then I think about this, oh yeah, our Chris is leaving.” Fortunately, current technologies can be easily contacted and Chris plans to go home at least once a year. “And maybe we go for it, it’s a chance to see America once in a while,” Elsk decides.

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