Favorite KFPS Stallion Tsjalle 454 moves to US

Favorite KFPS Stallion Tsjalle 454 moves to US

KFPS’s youngest favorite studbook stallion: Tsjalle 454 goes to the US. He continues his career at the Black Pearl Freeze in Illinois. Stallion de Merscan’s 15 – year – old Stallion leaves three recognized sons in the Netherlands: they take the baton: Jehannes 484, Tymon 503 and Yem 507.

It had been in the air for a while that Tsjalle 454 was about to cross. Owner Age Okema has already pointed this out at the Stallion Show 2021. The stallion owner called the apple of his eye “my best friend.” With his excellent character, Stallion has made a family horse and Stall de Merscan excellent, Okema says, as he has long said: ‘I will never sell him.’

Plenty of opportunities in the United States

With three adopted sons and successive grandchildren, Chale 454’s contracts in the Netherlands are gradually declining. The idea is that he will have plenty of opportunities in the United States again. In the Black Pearl Freesians, where Tiffany and Willem Wandercoi are, he will be a valuable addition to the existing stallions, i.e. the former permanent companion Thorpe 466, who moved from the Stall de Merskan to the Black Pearl Freesians three years ago.

Famous Tribe70

Palmeras of Tsjalle 454 is interesting with many championships. He is the son of former champion Mintsey 384 and Welmoyd fan Fijltsich Ster Preferred Prestati (Brandus 345). This means that the Chloe 454 descends from the same dam line as the Preferred Feeds 293. Raised by the Vijbenga family, he comes from the famous 70s line, with a line of six priority marijuana in his dam line.

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Junior Stallion Option

At a young age, Chloe had an identity in breeding 454, especially in athletic ability where he was at absolute peak with Trott and Cantor. Meanwhile, D’Souza 454 received his Game Elite Prediction based on three categories in which he excels in particular use. In addition to the three sons approved, he already has 19 crown daughters and 3 model daughters. With these results, in 2019 at the age of 13, he became the youngest stallion to be announced as a priority on KFPS.

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